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  • How do I submit my résumé?

    We accept résumés by email or fax; however, our preferred method of accepting résumés is via email. You can also submit your résumé by visiting the Careers page.

  • Are you looking for any particular skill set, trade or expertise?

    At O’Connell we are looking for a wide variety of talented people that have a passion and drive to be the best in the industry. All active job postings on our Careers page thoroughly identify the necessary skills and knowledge required to successfully complete each role.

  • How do I know that you have received my résumé?

    When you complete the Career Application, you will receive a notification that your résumé has been successfully received and placed on file.

  • If I applied for a job, how do I find out about its status and if I have been chosen for an interview?

    The Human Resources Department will contact those individuals that have been chosen to participate in the interview process. Only those chosen will be contacted.

  • If I had an interview how do I find out the results?

    Once an offer has been made to and accepted by the successful individual, the Human Resources Department will follow up with all candidates that participated in the interview process to inform them of the final result.