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Break Water Rehabilitation at Port Cartier

Port Cartier, Quebec
Mining, Industrial

In 2005, LECQ was awarded the marine contract to provide rock stabilization to the existing steel sheet pile cells located at Port Cartier, QC. The purpose of the project was to enclose the existing cells and provide stabilization and protection to the deteriorating structure. The work consisted of quarry development, blasting, sorting, hauling and placement of rockfill and armour stone. The project included: 35,000 tonnes of rock fill, 22,000 tonnes of 2t - 6t armour, 25,000 tonnes of 6t - 9t armour, and the placement of 100 stones, for toe stabilization, that weighed more than 10+ tonnes. The project had two major hurdles - one was blasting in the quarry to produce the required size armour without huge quantities of waste, and the second was the placement of these large stones in up to 50 ft of water. The blasting patterns were developed in house and placement was completed using a Cat 385 excavator and/or 150 tonne crane. The project took 4 months to complete and was ahead of schedule.